Valterra Slide Valves
Valterra Slide Valves
The Valterra Slide Valves are without doubt one of the finest on the world market. They come complete With the renowned full Stainless Steel Shutter plate. The Valterra Slide Valves are made out of High Quality PVC and available in 1.5" - 2" - 3" - 4" pressure and 110ml One more thing, they were made to last, extremely robust, and worth the extra investment. Manufactured to accommodate pvc pressure pipe these may be modified to fit waste pipe by using the reducing sleeves shown in this section. These Slide Valves are mainly used for on/off waste valves in filters and to separate the filter from pond, to completely shut off flow when required.
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Double Union Flapper Non Return Valve
Double Union Flapper Non Return Valve
Very Reliable Double Union Flapper Non Return Valve, this Double Union Flapper Non Valve has minimum resistance also with the advantage of waste particules that can be removed by unscrewing the double union fittings. The Double Union Flapper Non Return Valve provides a simple means of preventing backflow in pipe work where this would be undesirable i.e in pumped systems or where Elecro heaters are fitted in line. This Double Union Flapper Non Return Valve (swing check) Valve is probably unique in its design and is the first we have been able to find where the valve can be viewed for periodic cleaning etc .. The Flapper type non return valves create no back pressure on the pumps and the swing check just swings out the way. Truly a superb piece of kit, it will fit any 1.5 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch imperial pressure pipe and is solvent weld also. Reducing sleeves can also be glued in the socket unions to use these flapper valves with normal Black Solvent Waste Pipe.
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Non Return Valve Solvent Weld (White)
Non Return Valve Solvent Weld (White)
Non Return Valve Solvent Weld These Solvent Weld Non Return valves are a very low resistance check valve, ideal for koi ponds. Allows water to flow through it when the pump is turned on, but then shuts closed when flow stops. A must have valve before a pump that is above water level, to prevent re priming the water pump. These Non Return Valves are solvent weld, so once glued in difficult to clean the check valve.   This Item is available only in 2"
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3 Way Valve 1.5
3 Way Valve 1.5″

3 Way Valve 1.5"

Why use a 3 Way Valve? The choice of which type of pipework to use has always been a dilemma. At Cotswold Koi we understand The importance of pipe work, mistakes made in pipework are one of the most common we come across and can be very costly and hard to change at a later date.
There are three main types of pipe work used on koi ponds:
  • metric Pressure Pipe
  • imperial  Pressure Pipe
  • black waste pipe
The use of anything other than pressure pipe and fittings for both gravity and pressure lines is risky they last thing you want it your bottom drain line leaking after all your hard work. Building your pond and is only a cost saving exercise.and the added security and peace of mind that Pressure Pipe brings is well worth the extra cost. Unfortunately the use of pressure pipe and fittings in the past has simply been too expensive for the majority of Koi keepers, despite it being the preferred choice. here at Cotswold Koi we are looking to bring you a full range of pipe fittings for every occasion. we are happy to provide assistance, should you need it,  please Contact Us if you need assistance in choosing the rite pipe work for your project.
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