If you are in need of a premium quality garden pond liner, we are proud to offer an excellent selection of pond liners and lining to meet every pond size requirement. A super tough and durable base can prolong the duration of your pond and our fish pond liners will provide you with just that – guaranteed. With such a wide variety of sizes available, we are sure to have the perfect product for any project requirement.

Pond Liner Underlay
Pond Liner Underlay
Our Pond Liner Underlay offers exceptionally high performance and provides a highly protective barrier between substrate and liner . We recommend that our heavy duty underlay is used beneath all our liners, not only to help protect liners from penetration by sharp stones , roots, etc, but also to reduce excessive localised stretching of the liner when ground settlement occurs overtime.  
  • Heavy Duty Underlay 150g/sqm 2mtrs wide
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PVC Pond Liner
PVC Pond Liner
PVC Pond Liner Our economical high quality PVC pond liner is suitable for small to medium ponds, having excellent flexibility and high puncture resistance.  
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GreenSeal Pond Liners
GreenSeal Pond Liners
Greenseal Pond Liners are made from an exceptional top quality material from the same manufacturers of Butyl Rubber, offering a full Lifetime guarantee against any latent manufacturing defects. Greenseal EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a synthetic rubber similar to butyl and manufactured in Sweden by Trelleborg. As a material, Greenseal Rubber has superior properties to Butyl and cheaper, making it both an attractive and economical solution for any koi pond project. Greenseal Pond Liners unique elasticity makes a rubber membrane the best choice for lining ponds. Greenseal Pond Liners are not affected by UV light, temperature or age. The Greenseal Pond Liner is chemically stable when coming into contact with chemicals in the soil and other materials. It will withstand root penetration and rodent attack. The rubber membrane should be protected by a geotextile. Greenseal Pond Liner material is slightly embossed or textured in appearance. Greenseal Pond Liner Features & Benefits:
  • Higher UV stability, temperature or age
  • Greater tolerance to weather extremes
  • Resists compressive loads and ground movement
  • Unique ability to adapt itself to the substrate
  • Does not contain any plasticisers or additives - no leaching
  • Does not shrink, lose weigth or become brittle
  • Animal and plant friendly
  • Tear strength and tensile strength greater than Butyl
  • Exceeds Butyl Rubber in over 60% of physical properties tested
  • Looks and feels the same as Butyl Rubber
  • Can be vulcanised in the same process as Butyl
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Cheaper than Butyl Rubber
Greenseal Pond Liner applications include, Ornamental ponds, lakes, reservoirs, swimming ponds, Effluent Lagoons, reed bed systems, Agricultural applications, irrigation, Canal refurbishment lining, Tank lining, portable water storage, Fish farming and even Fire-fighting reservoirs.   0.75mm (per square meter)
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Butyl Pond Liners
Butyl Pond Liners
Butyl pond liners are made from premium, synthetic rubber pond liner recommended by leading European water gardening experts. It has been field tested for more than forty years in hundreds of thousands of installations throughout the world, varying in size from 25sq. ft garden ponds to 4,000,000sq. ft water storage reservoirs. It is remarkably flexible and comfortable, it is safe for all aquatic life, it withstands exposure to artic cold and desert heat, and it will last longer than any other flexible liner underwater and underground. Although Butyl pond liners costs more than other synthetic rubbers, it has superior performance combined with an unlimited range of sizes and shapes which easily makes it the Pond liner of choice for projects of any size that demand the very best Pond liner available.
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Firestone Pond Liners
Firestone Pond Liners
Firestone Pond liners EPDM Geomembrane, a high-performing rubber liner The main component of Firestone Pond liner Systems is Firestone EPDM Geomembrane, a single-ply synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane made of ethylene – propylene – diene terpolymer, mixed with carbon black, oils, curing agents and processing aids. It is calendered into large sheets and vulcanized.
  • Key features and benefits (The success of Firestone Pond Liner EPDM Geomembranes can be attributed to their unique combination of benefits)
  • High flexibility: Firestone Pond Liner, EPDM Geomembranes remain highly flexible even at very low temperatures (down to –45 °C), enabling year round installation in a variety of climates and terrain.
  • High elongation: Firestone Pond Liner, EPDM Geomembranes can elongate over 300%, which enables the membrane to stretch and conform to objects in the subgrade.
  • Superior weathering resistance: Firestone Pond Liner, EPDM Geomembranes offer unmatched resistance to ultraviolet radiation and ozone.
  • Quick and easy installation: Firestone Pond Liner, EPDM Geomembranes are available in large seamless panel sizes up to 15m in width and 61m in length resulting in fewer field seams and less installation time.
  • Low maintenance: Firestone Pond Liner, EPDM Geomembranes require little or no regular maintenance after installation. The Geomembrane can survive normal environmental exposure for well over 30 years.
  • Environmentally friendly: Firestone Pond Liner, EPDM Geomembrane is an inert material with low environmental impact during production and use. In addition, Firestone’s EPDM manufacturing facilities have received ISO 14001 certification, a testimony of the company’s commitment to environmental management.
  • Firestone Pond Liners for garden pond applications
  The 1.0 mm thick Firestone Pond Liner, EPDM Geomembrane is specifically designed for decorative pond applications. Because of its specific formulation and production process, the Firestone Pond Liner membrane, as are all of our products, guaranteed to be compatible with aquatic life in accordance with testing reports published by the Water Research Centre in the UK.   1 mm (per sqaure meter)
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