Kockney Koi Mega Max Filter
Kockney Koi Mega Max Filter

Kockney Koi Mega Max Filter

The Yamitsu Mega Max Filter are ideal for garden ponds up to 3000 gallons (depending on stocking density). They are supplied complete with one of the most comprehensive media packages on the market.

This ensures a very high level of biological and mechanical filtration. Their no-fuss design makes installation simple. They have been designed to enable partial burial if required.

Yamitsu Mega Max Filter Key features are:

  • Easy to install
  • High flow rate
  • 1.5 inch inlet
  • 2 inch outlets
  • Easy to clean full width spray bar
  • Multi stage filtration
  • Integral overflows
  • Excellent value
  • Optional UVs
  • Free hose tails
Filter Model  UV Size Goldfish Pond Size Koi Carp Pond Size Flow Rate Rec. Pump
Basic Filter  N/A
1,200 Gallons
100 inches of Goldfish
600 Gallons
35 inches of Koi
Min: 300GPH
Max: 600GPH
SSP 4,000
fed by 1″ pipe
Mega mk2  11 Watt
1,700 Gallons
300 inches of Goldfish
1,000 Gallons
75 inches of Koi
Min: 500GPH
Max: 900GPH
SSP 4,000
fed by 1.5″ pipe
Mega Large mk2  15 Watt
2,500 Gallons
400 inches of Goldfish
1,600 Gallons
100 inches of Koi
Min: 900GPH
Max: 1,350GPH
SSP 6,000
fed by 1.5″ pipe
Mega XL mk2  25 Watt
3,000 Gallons
500 inches of Goldfish
2,000 Gallons
130 inches of Koi
Min: 1,000GPH
Max: 1,500GPH
SSP 6,000
fed by 1.5″ pipe
Mega Max mk2  30 Watt
4,000 Gallons
700 inches of Goldfish
2,500 Gallons
175 inches of Koi
Min: 1,300GPH
Max: 2,000GPH
SSP 9,000
fed by 1.5″ pipe
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