Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter
Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter

Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter

The Tempest Filter is an innovative polishing system for ponds that will help to deliver crystal clear, healthy water. Designed to be used in conjunction with most filtration systems, the Tempest offers additional mechanical and biological filtration. The Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter can also be used on quarantine systems or as a standalone filter on smaller ponds.

The Evolution Aqua Tempest Pond Filter is easy to install and is simple and quick to clean, by way of a unique, patent pending air syphon design. During the cleaning process, air is drawn into the filter as it empties which causes the water to agitate, effectively cleaning the K+Media.

Using Evolution Aqua’s K+Media as the filter media, particles down to one micron can be filtered. Not only that, K+Media is the result of extensive research and development, moulded with minerals for faster maturation times.

E A Tempest Filters can be installed on a variety of set-ups. On larger systems that require a higher flow rate, multiple Tempest Filters can be installed in a modular system.


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Dirty Harry Pre Filter
Dirty Harry Pre Filter

Dirty Harry Pre Filter

These Dirty Harry pre-filters provide you with an additional tool to keep your pond clean. The Dirty Harry pre-filter ensures that larger waste solids in the pond water, such as leaves, small branches and larger algae particles are collected before they are caught up in the pump or in the filter. By pre-filtering the water, you prevent larger particles from clogging up or overloading the filter.

They help save the service life of the pond pump is protected because large particles will not damage the impeller of the pump.

The housing of the Dirty Harry pre-filter is transparent, so it is easy to see when it needs cleaning.

The Dirty Harry pre-filter has a maximum pressure rating of 2 bar and comes complete with unions for 63 & 50mm solvent pipe, 1½” female threading and hose tails 25/32/40mm.

  • Benefits of the Dirty Harry Pre-Filter
  • Extra pump protection
  • Transparent – Easy viewing of collected debris
  • Easy to install
  • 720 mm Long
  • Main Body 110 mm Dia
  • Max Flow 25,000 lph
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