Compact Sieve (Pump fed) 2
Compact Sieve (Pump fed)
Compact Sieve 2 The CompactSieve is a very versatile mechanical filter that can be used in different applications: As a particle remover directly next to the pond or to a waterfall/stream return to pond. As a mechanical particle waste pre-filter before surface mounted biological stages. As a mechanical pre-filter for existing trickle filter systems. The CompactSieve can be connected to a pond vacuum cleaner and the returned water from the vacuum cleaner can be fed into the input hose tail via a T-piece or directly. For extra particle removal and saving your precious matured pond water! The CompactSieve can be connected to an existing pumped pond skimmer system. The unit must be mounted above pond water level. Specifications Max Flow: 4000 GPH Max Pond Volume: 6000 Dimensions: 19.7" x 13" x 22" Inlet/Outlet: 1.5"/3"
  • Compact sieve filter
  • Must always be positioned above the pond
  • Available in dark green and blue granite PE
  • Pump inlet: 25/32/40mm hose tail. Outlet: 75mm
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SuperSieve Pump (Pump Fed )
SuperSieve Pump (Pump Fed )
SuperSieve Pump The SuperSieve pump makes it easy to separate larger particles of dirt (over 0.2 mm) out from the water. The SuperSieve pump is designed for ponds where the pump is in the pond. The dirty water is first pumped into the SuperSieve and is then discharged to a biological filter, for example. When the SuperSieve pump is used as a preliminary filter, the biological filter remains significantly cleaner, thus sparing you the unpleasant and time-consuming task of cleaning the biofilter.
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