Koi Keepers Kit
Large Koi Keepers Kit

Large Koi Keepers Kit

As a koi keeper You have a duty of care to ensure that your koi are always in tip top condition and Healthy. We at Cotswold Koi thoroughly believe that every koi keeper should have these items as part of the general equipment needed to care for koi.

  • 66cm Koi Net – A 66cm Koi net to enable you to Perform routine scrapes or to introduce the fish to the koi sock.
  • Water Tight Koi Sock – A 11″ koi sock is necessary to safely transport your koi and water (water to inspection bowl) to the inspection bowl or quarantine tank without risk of it falling to the ground from the net.
  • Inspection Bowl – An inspection bowl Is a vital part of koi keeping as it enables you to check your koi over More closely than Usual and also enables you To perform scrapes from specific areas of the koi and have more control Whilst performing the scrapes. Also a bowl can be used as a facility to do bathing treatments or simply allow you to photograph the koi up close .


66cm Koi Net :  NH560

80cm Koi Pro Bowl : BT600

11″ Koi Handling Sock : NH565



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