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Cloverleaf CL-20 Pond Air Pumps

£168.99 inc. VAT

Cloverleaf CL-20 Pond Air Pumps

The Cloverleaf CL Pond Air Pumps are a unique range of aeration systems that offer a complete piece of mind, more than other lines on the market.

What makes the Cloverleaf CL-20 Pond Air Pumps so different is that it is controlled by a microcomputer and will automatically switch to an internal battery back up system in the event of a mains power failure. The battery will turn itself on and off charge as required and will work up to 8 hours on battery when any mains power is interrupted. The pump battery will also automatically charge and stops when the battery is full.

An added bonus these Air pumps have over other similar pumps on the market today, is that they are totally portable. Because they have internal battery back ups with the facility to operate for up to 8 Hours, they can be used when you need to transport fish ie moving house.

Cloverleaf CL Pond Air Pumps come complete with outlet manifolds, connections and hose clamps.

Note. They do not come with airline or airstones, these need to be purchased separately.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable Flow rate
  • Automatic switching on and off battery facility
  • Works for up to 8 Hours on a battery back up
  • Ideal for use when power is interrupted or for travel ie moving house
  • Complete with Manifolds and Non Return Valves
Model Output Power Pressure Dimensions
CL-15 Air Pump 20L/Min 20 Watts 15 Kpa 240 x 155 x 125cm
CL-20 Air Pump 65L/Min 75 Watts 20 Kpa 350 x 215 x 192cm
CL-28 Air Pump 110L/Min 115 Watts 28 Kpa 390 x 240 x 190cm


All Models charge time is 8 Hours with a work time of 8 Hours

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