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Superfish ECO-Plus 20000

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Superfish Eco-Plus 20000 Pump Features

  • Flow rate 20000 ltrs an hr
  • 210w Power consumption
  • Pumps large quantities of pond water with low electricity consumption
  • Vortex impellar blade can handle solids upto 8mm
  • Pump outlet has a screw thread hosetail 25-38mm (1″- 1.5″)
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Backed Guarantee

The Superfish Eco-Plus 20000 Pumps are designed to pump water containing solid material to a pond filter or a waterfall. The Superfish Eco-Plus 20000 pumps cage is specially designed to prevent it clogging by providing the maximum surface area. Superfish Eco-Plus pumps can also be used dry mounted inline just like the Aquamax range, They also have the same 1.5 inch threaded inlet and outlet.
When using a pond pump to power a filter system reliability is essential. That is why the Eco-Plus pumps key features provide total reassurance.

Thermal Resettable Fuse

The Eco-Plus pumps have a TRF (Thermal Resettable Fuse) this device automatically switches off the pump if it overheats to prevent motor damage. Once cooled, about 15 to 20 minutes the pump will switch itself back on.

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