Whether it be for Koi handling, or pond maintenance, we have the professional’s choice for Koi Nets and telescopic poles.

A Koi viewing bowl goes hand in hand with the Koi net. We carry various sizes to do the job.

Of course one essential piece of equipment has to be a Net to enable you to catch your Koi, quickly and safely without causing too much stress and damage to the Koi itself ..

Generally, but of course it does depend on the size of your own pond, the largest net head you can manage with is always going to be the best bet .. but it should be stressed that the larger the net head is then the harder it is to move the net through the water – as the larger the net head the larger is the drag on the net.

A note on the handle or pole that is of course part of the net and it is very important that when you do choose a net that you pay attention to the handle, this has to be strong enough to not only drag the net head through the water, which in its own right, puts tremendous strain on the handle, but it has to be strong enough to hold the Koi safely once you have netted it..

AquaForte Nets
AquaForte Nets

Aquaforte Nets come with a telescopic handle.

The size of the handle is approximately 1.65 Meters and will extend to 2.90 Meters this does not include the net.

Available net sizes are:

  • 60cm
  • 80cm
  • 100cm
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Floating Inspection Nets
Floating Inspection Nets

These Floating Inspection Nets are an ideal solution for holding and retaining fish in either a pond or quarantine tank. Because of their soft construction, these nets are perfect for retaining your fish whilst undergoing inspection and moderate treatments.

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Japanese koi Handling Net
Japanese koi Handling Net

Japanese koi Handling Net

This Genuine Japanese koi Handling Net is truly the finest Koi Net in the World it is of the highest quality and standard.

If you examine any other manufacturers nets and then compare them to these genuine Japanese koi nets, you will see the main, and most important difference, which is the clever ‘riffling’ of the metal net frame and the cord that is used to lash the actual net to the frame lays inside this ‘riffling’ making it almost impossible for you to wear the net out when, as we all do, we run the net along the bottom or the sides of the pond, or tank.

Another distinct advantage to the Japanese Koi Net is the strength of the pole, or handle, made entirely from seasoned hard wood and the frame of the net is very firmly attached to this handle giving tremendous strength to the whole Japanese Koi Net, which feels very firm in your hands and gives you immense sense of control which of course is extremely important to have when you are attempting to catch a particular Koi as swiftly as possible without causing too much stress.

The only disadvantage of the Japanese Koi Nets we do have of course is the cost of shipping these magnificent koi nets into the UK, a cost of course that no importer can afford to discount and these shipping charges do add to the price of the net, but in our honest opinion these costs are well worth bearing to be able to own such a superb koi Handling Net as these genuine Japanese Koi Nets.


(80cm Net head x 2.7m Handle)

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blue koi sock japanese
Koi Handling Socks

Koi Handling Socks are an essential piece of equipment for any Koi keeper. It will be necessary at some point to move your Koi. Koi socks provide the means to be able to handle your Koi safely without risking damge to your fish.

Simply grip the handle firmly with one hand, using the other hand, gather together the open end and clasp tightly, slide over the Koi and lift from the water. Place the gathered end of the sock into the new water and release allowing the Koi to gently slide out of the sock.

Always place the sock over the Koi head first and always make sure that the weight of the koi is toward the Head end (i.e. tail raised slightly) to avoid damage to the tail.

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koi net
Koi Net

This koi Net has a 19″ net head and includes wooden handle. Ideal for netting medium sized fish to inspect for health issues or to introduce the fish to a koi sock to remove them from the pond.

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Leaf Nets
Leaf Nets

Leaf nets are very useful where a skimmer is not installed on a pond and leaves start to become an issue on the surface of the water.


25cm x 23cm includes 1 mtr wooden handle

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Norfine Nets
Norfine Nets

There is only One Word that we can possibly use to describe these Norfine Nets ‘Superb’ and truly sound value for money. One of the best made range of Nets that we have seen for a long, long time. You can buy any one of the norfie nets from the range and we are sure that you will be more than satisfied. The Norfine Nets are extremely well made and strong and will stand up to the job that they are required to do.

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Telescopic Handles
Telescopic Handles

These alluminium telescopic handles have a twist and lock fitting which allows the user to lock the extention at the desired length . They have a universal (two hole) click fit end which fits a wide range of heads such as Norfine nets , Leaf nets , vacuum heads  etc. (most heads fit these poles)

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