Microscopes, Aquarium and pond fish kept in an  artificial environment  are particularly prone to parasitic infestations even in the most careful situations. For a mixed population tropical tank this can be devastating and for the Koi carp keeper a nightmare. Good housekeeping is always the starting point, but often the slightest imbalance in any number of factors can result in the almost spontaneous appearance of parasites ranging from the common Ich in the aquarium, to the more serious Costia and Trichodina in Koi carp, not to mention fungus and louse infestations.

 There are many proprietary treatments readily available, but the difficulty remains in positively identifying the problem – there is little point in treating something that isn’t there, that can also build up resistance to the treatment. Quite often the problem relates to water quality not parasites, and microscopes can rule out the latter very quickly.

Microscope cover slips
Cover Slides

cover slides x 100 pcs 

Ideal for performing routine scrapes on your koi to help rule out any parisitic activity. we suggest regular scrapes to ensure optimum health of your prized possesions all year round.


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Microscope slides
Glass Slides

Glass slides x 50 pcs 

ideal for performing routine scrapes on your koi to help rule out any parisitic activity. we suggest regular scrapes to ensure optimum health of your prized possesions all year round.

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Koi Surgical Kits
Koi Surgical Kits

Koi Surgical Kits

Supplied in a zipped case, hopefully everything you need when performing minor surgical procedures.

Kit consists of tweezers, scalpel blades, handle, radius scissors, butterfly probe, single inspection probe.

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Novex BioBlue Microscope
Novex BioBlue Microscope

Novex BioBlue Microscope

The innovative Novex BioBlue Microscope series provides robust and excellent Optical and Mechanical construction at a very reasonable price.

Optical equipment

The DIN WF 10x/18 eyepieces of the BioBlue mono- and binocular models provide the ideal field of view. The achromatic semiplan 45 mm DIN objectives are parafocally aligned on the 160 mm DIN tubes. When changing the magnification the image remains perfectly in focus and entered. The high precision mechanism of the coaxial course- and fine control combined with the spherical corrected optics enable the BioBlue to produce very sharp images. All models are equipped with a height adjustable Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder.

BioBlue stand

The aluminium BioBlue stand has been designed to be very stable. A built-in protection system prevents any damage to the specimen and objective. The BB.4200 has a plain stage with 2 object clamps. All other models have a large 130×130 mm stage with vernier and a integrated mechanical translation stage with 70×28 mm travel range.

LED illuminator

The BioBlue is equipped with a 1 Watt adjustable LED illuminator, which produces no heat. Besides the low power consumption the internal universal AC power supply makes use of an external vulnerable AC-DC power adapter completely redundant. The built-in rechargeable AA type batteries allow a 60 hrs continuous operation of the microscope.

Ergonomic design

A lot of effort has been put into the ergonomical aspects of the BioBlue. A comfortable handgrip enables easy transportation. Ergonomically placed adjustment knobs minimize fatigue during long microscopy sessions. The general shape of the stand has been specifically designed to match today’s standard.

General technical information
Eyepiece – WF 10x/18 wide field eyepiece, secured with screw. Monocular models have an eyepiece with built-in pointer
Tube – Monocular or Binocular Siedentopf type head, 360° rotatable; Tube length 160 mm
Nosepiece – Reversed nosepiece for 4 objectives. Ball-bearing mechanism and click-stops.
Objectives – Achromatic color coded DIN semiplan objectives. The 40x, 60x and 100x-oil objectives are spring-mounted
Protection – Built in protection system for specimen and objective
Stages – A 120×120 mm plain stage or 130×130 mm stage with double layered mechanical X-Y stage are available
The translation range of the mechanical X-Y stage is 70×28 mm
Focus control – Coaxial coarse- and fine adjustment knobs on both sides with 0.002 mm graduations Friction of focus control can be adjusted.
Condenser – Height adjustable Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphgram and filter holder.
Illumination – LED 1 Watt illumination with internal power supply (85-230V) and 3 NiMH AA type batteries
Packaging – Complete with spare fuse and dustcover in styrofoam case.
Models equiped with S100x-oil objectives are delivered with 5 ml immersion oil
Manual – English (also available in French, Dutch and German language)

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Novex LED Junior Microscope
Novex LED Junior Microscope

Novex LED Junior microscope

The Novex LED Junior microscopes stand for quality and reliability. Much attention has been given to the mechanical and optical components. The Novex LED Junior microscope is very well priced despite the usage of high quality materials and is perfect for entry level.

  • Head Monocular rotatable tube 130mm
  • Eyepiece With locked in WF 10x eyepiece with fixed pointer
  • Revolver Triple revolving nosepiece locked in achromatic objectives 4x, 10x and spring loaded S40x.
  • Focusing Rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch mechanism
    Stage 90 x 90mm with condensor, disc diaphragm and locked on stage clips
  • Adjustable Stopper To prevent objectives and specimen
  • LED Illuminator With 3 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for minimum 60 hours use. Includes battery charger for 230v connection.
  • Stand Off white/black epoxy coated stand
  • Magnification 40x, 100x and 400x
    Packed with dust cover in styrofoam case
    Dimensions H x W x L 30x12x16cm, weight 1.6kg
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Novex Pro 86 Microscope
Novex Pro 86 Microscope

Novex Pro 86 Microscope

The attractively priced Novex Pro 86 Microscope has it all they are high quality, robust biological microscopes for educational purposes and scientific research. The Novex Pro 86 Microscope is a Large binocular microscope for laboratory use.

Equipped with DIN-objectives and eyepieces. All optical parts are fully coated.
Binocular head with 30° inclined tube, fully rotatable over 360°. One eyepiece tube is provided with a diopter adjustment. Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm. Tube length 160 mm.
Stand heavy alloy stand is enameled with a stove-hardened off-white and black lacquer.
Focus control by means of coaxial coarse and fine adjustment knobs; fine adjustment knob is graduated for 0.002 mm. per interval.
Revolvable inward facing nosepiece, ball-bearing mechanism, for 4 objectives.
Large mechanical stage, 120 x 135 mm, ball-bearing mechanism, with X and Y adjustment 75 x 35 mm. Double nonius, readable in 0.1 mm.
Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 in centrable holder, with iris diaphragm and filter holder with neutral filter and blue filter. Vertical adjustment by means of control knob.
Lighting, built-in halogen 6 volt 20 watt illuminator with neutral filter. Continuous light control by means of thyristor regulation. Built-in 230 volt transformer with switch.
Optical combination, Paired DIN widefield eyepieces WF10x/18.
SEMI PLAN achromatic DIN-objectives 4x N.A.0.10, 10x N.A.0.25, S40x N.A.0.65 and S100x N.A.1.25, oil-immersion. The 40x and 100x objectives are spring-mounted. All optical parts are coated.
Packed with dust cover in styrofoam case.

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