The benefit of coming along on one of our trips to Japan, is that we deal with every aspect from negotiating with the breeder to quarantining your Koi before you introduce them to your pond. Coming along with us on one of our trips means we can keep your costs down which benefits you and who ever comes along.
There is no buying restrictions either when we are there, you can buy as many or as little Koi as you like or you don’t have to buy any at all just enjoy your trip. Nigarta Japan has the very best Koi on the planet but the very best Koi must be searched for, it is not as easy as you may think. Quality Nishikigoi (Koi) are not restricted to DSCF0836certain breeders, we will go all over Niigata to find the very best Koi for your budget, we will find you that special Koi.

We can arrange all the accommodation for you while you stay in Japan, We will arrange all aspects of transport for the whole trip and feel free to either come with us for meals in the evenings or explore what Nagaoka has to offer and experience the local Japanese life for yourselves.
We can also arrange the flights, and also the train, we will arrive at the Hotel sometime in the early afternoon allowing you to put your feet up and recover from the travel.
For customers who cannot make the trip to Japan, we can still find that special Koi for you. We can send high quality pictures and videos of koi directly to you. We can find almost any variety of Koi and almost any size of Koi in Japan and we hope to be able to suit your budget.

P1040159Many Koi in Japan cannot be brought back for sale in the UK because the cost price is too high, so a Koi dealer could not bring it back and add their profit and sell the Koi, they would be too expensive for re-sale. However the base price for a hobbyist in Japan can be affordable, the difference being you are buying direct from the breeder, not a dealer back home, so the fish is the best quality but for a lot less than you would pay from your local dealer. We will then make sure that Koi arrives in the best possible condition. It’s a great service to be able to use.

We can find any fish to suit any budget, we will send numerous pictures for you to decide on, or if nothing interests you then there is always the next trip, there is no pressure, Koi are always available.
For more information come visit me in the shop or give me a call.