Cloverleaf Absolute CT
Cloverleaf Absolute CT

Cloverleaf Absolute CT

Cloverleaf Absolute cT is a Anti-Bacterial treatment for bacterial infections in fresh water fish such as Body ulcers, Finrot, and Systemic bacterial disease it will also aid the control of Aquatic pathogens.

Absolute cT is added once a day for up to 4 days and should not be used in soft water as this can be very toxic, a level of PH should be at least 7 or higher with a general hardness of above 6dh it is possible to treat water below the minimum levels by reducing the dosage by 75% and care should be taken to monitor the fish being treated also the effectiveness of Absolute cT will also be reduced.

Absolute cT should not be used with salt or temperatures of below 10c.

Absolute cT speeds recovery time and is safe with Koi and all other ornamental fish and can be used to sterilise nets and other Aquatic equipment. It is recommended to use Absolute Bio-Gel in the filter system when using Absolute cT to  maintain a healthy level of beneficial bacteria and make sure a good level of saturated oxygen is present.

Dosage: 10g per 4546ltr (1000Gal) Once a day for up to 4 days.

Sizes available: 55g for 4 treatments of 6,250ltr (1375Gal)

110g for 4 treatments of 12,500ltr (2750Gal)

220g for 4 treatments of 25,000ltr (5,500Gal)

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Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed
Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed

Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed 

Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed is designed to be used as a follow up treatment to the Number 1 selling pond product, Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. Pre-Vent Blanketweed is a unique formula which seeks to succeed where many commercial bacteria cultures fail. Cloverleaf Pre-Vent is safe for all pond fish, plants and biological filtration systems.

Pre-Vent should be used approximately every 10-14 days to help re-balance your pond and aid in the prevention of the return of stubborn Blanketweed.

Suggested Dosage:
Add 10g per 1,207L (266 gallons). The enclosed scoop can be used 1 x scoop = approx 3,632L (800 gallons). The dosage can be adjusted as required with no adverse effects. We recommend dosing 10-14 days approx after using Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

Pre-Vent is to be added to the pond by mixing with with sufficient pond water and spread evenly around the entire surface of the pond. The Pond will take on a mild cloudy appearance which will usually clear in a few hours. For best results use above 10°C water temperature. If Sturgeon, Orfe, Rudd or River Fish are present, pond saturated oxygen levels need to be maintained at a high level.

  • Follow up treatment to Cloverleaf Blanket Answer
  • Unique bacteria culture
  • Safe for fish, plants and filtration systems
  • Pre-Vent will re-balance the pond and help prevent the return of Blanketweed
  • 10g Treats 1,207L (266 gallons)
  • Available in 3 sizes; 800g, 2kg & 4kg
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Cloverleaf Absolute Parasite Plus
Cloverleaf Absolute Parasite Plus

Cloverleaf Absolute Parasite Plus

Cloverleaf Absolute Parasite plus is a new formula that kills and helps to prevent 99% of known parasites in koi and fish ponds. Absolute Parasite plus can be used in the spring and autumn to help prevent seasonal parasite outbreaks and is unaffected by water temperature.

Absolute Parasite plus is applied as a two-dose treatment to take advantage of the parasites life-cycle. Absolute Parasite Plus has been scientifically formulated by blending 4 active key ingredients that are best-known for their parasitic eradicating capabilities with a stabiliser to improve effectiveness, making this treatment possibly the most effective parasite treatment on the market today.

Absolute Parasite Plus is effective against microscopic parasites such as: White Spot (Ichthyophthrius), Skin Flukes (Gyrodactylus), Gill Flukes (Dactylogyrus), Internal Worms (Nematodes),Tricodina and Hexamita. It is also effective against larger parasites such as: Anchor worm (Lernea) and Fish Lice (Argulus).

Absolute Parasite Plus can also be used to treat fish in ponds that contain high levels of salt unlike a lot of other parasite treatments.

Absolute Parasite is available in three pack sizes: 250g, 500g and 1kg

Dosage :

  •  250g for two treatments of 6,250L (1,375Gal)
  • 500g for two treatments of 12,500L (2,750Gal)
  • 1000g for two treatments of 25,000L (5,500Gal)

Absolute Parasite+ will not directly cause any further stress on already infected fish but remember the earlier parasites are detected and treated the better the chance of a complete recovery.

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Cloverleaf Absolute Pond Pearls
Cloverleaf Absolute Pond Pearls

Cloverleaf Absolute Pond Pearls are a natural product designed to help maintain a healthy pond environment. Absolute Pond pearls contain a combination of millions of microscopic nitrifying bacteria and bio active enzymes which rapidly break down any elevated and harmful levels of ammonia and nitrite within ponds.

The fast acting enzymes work to break down any dead algae, sludge and uneaten food to prevent it from building up in your pond and filter system. The reduction of sludge and waste results in a cleaner and clearer pond environment.

How To Use Cloverleaf Absolute Pond Pearls:
Simply drop the Absolute Pearls into your pond or filter system so that the beneficial bacteria and enzymes can get to work.

Dose Rate:
1 x Absolute Pond Pearl treats up to 20,000 litres

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Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is a unique blend of minerals and enzymes to combat blanket weed – the nightmare curse of many a pond keeper.

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer works in all temperatures, and seeks to succeed where many commercial bacteria cultures will fail. It is 100% safe for all pond fish, plants, and biological filtration systems. UV units or protein skimmers need not be switched off. Unlike some products on the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is not dependent upon water temperature, and is not held back/restricted by high ph levels.

The product is simply added to the pond by sprinkling the powder evenly over the surface (see also note below). The water will initially take on a white milky appearance, but this will clear after about 5 days. The composition of the ingredients will form as a powdery layer on the ponds liner faces, and it is here that the roots of any blanket weed gets attacked. As with most water treatments the pond should have a good level of oxygen saturation, which should exist without generating an undue turbulent situation throughout the pond that would prevent the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer ingredients from settling onto the weed or liner.

During and after applying , common sense should prevail in the washing of hands, and storing the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer in a dry place away from the reach of children. Although no known dangers are thought to exist the application to the pond of any other chemical or treatment should be spaced 10 days from applying the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is available in 200g, 800g, 2kg, 4kg and 10kg


  • Each comes with one scoop. 1 level scoop treats 285 litres.
  • 200g treats ponds up to 2,500 litres
  • 800g treats ponds up to 10,000 litres
  • 2kg treats ponds up to 25,000 litres
  • 4kg treats ponds up to 50,000 litres
  • 10kg  treats ponds up to 125,000 litres
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Cloverleaf Sludge Answer
Cloverleaf Sludge Answer

Cloverleaf Sludge Answer

Cloverleaf Sludge Answer is a unique blend of beneficial bacteria used to convert and remove sludge from the pond and filter system.

The accumulation of sludge within a pond or filter system means far more than just an ugly sight, such deposits not only erode important saturated oxygen levels ,but also become a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. Using nature’s natural range of bacteria.

Cloverleaf Sludge Answer is the safe way to biologically removing sludge and dead algae thus creating a cleaner pond and less filter maintenance, whilst promoting a sounder environment for the fish to enjoy.

Cloverleaf Sludge Answer is designed for frequent use throughout the year on established ponds, however it is also a first class product when used on an immature pond, and will greatly assist with filter maturity. For ponds with sludge problems, it is recommended that when applying Cloverleaf Sludge Answer it should be supported with lots of oxygen by using an air pump. For new or problematic ponds Cloverleaf Sludge Answer should be added at the rate of Use 100ml per 1000 litres (220gal) of pond water, with follow up doses (every 28 days or as required) at the rate of 150ml per 1000 litres (220gal)

The product should be mixed with 3 litres of pond water, and poured over the pond surface and into the filter system using a watering can.

“Sludge Answer” is the perfect follow up to the no 1 selling “Blanket Answer” to help reduce the residues left after application.

Use 100ml per 1000 litres (220gal) of pond water for the first application with follow up doses of 50ml per 1000 litres (220gal) every 28 days. Ultraviolet clarifiers should be turned off for the first 24 hours after each application.

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